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ARISE Voting & All Stars

BREAKING NEWS: I was just informed That Virginia is on the top 20 in the voting, and we only have 24 hours left to vote! We have to push through the top 10 to make it to the next round, so it's GO TIME!

If you've been following me for a bit, you know I tend to really avoid any competitions or contests, I feel like the music industry can already be tough on its own, and I believe that everyone can succeed together, everyone has space to grow.

HOWEVER, I've been asking around for votes for a chance to perform at the ARISE Festival w/ some of my favorite bands. I WANT THIS SO BAD, bad enough that I am swallowing my own words a bit and asking for the damn votes.

The point is: I was trying to think of a way that I can counterbalance this sense of competition. Some way to pay it forward to the other artists involved so I can somehow send them some love too for being awesome and making it this far.

I've reached out to my friends and family for opinions, and here's what we came up with:

  • The ARISE All Stars Playlist

I have created a Spotify playlist with most of the contestant's music, so you can tune in and explore the amazing talent the ARISE Festival has selected for this round. Listen here:

  • The ARISE Vote-raising Online Concert

Today, June 14th, I will go live on the That Virginia Facebook Page for an online concert from my home studio. I hope to get some other contestant's as guests on the stream. Stay tuned!

  • Collab collab collab

I would love to find a handful of other contestants and book a show together, if logistics allow. I will be personally reaching out to other contestants about this, and will keep you guys posted.


Enjoy the ARISE All Stars playlist, and click HERE to ROCK THE VOTE!

Thank you!


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