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"That Virginia led us into the evening, and she and her band were nothing short of stunning. She reminds me of a hybrid of artists like Lorde and Regina Spektor, and yet to even make comparisons feels a little wrong because her art is so uniquely her own. She puts her grit into it and shows up with her heart on fire. See her play if you get the opportunity."

- Casee Marie, OneOfTheFolk

"...her voice coating the apartment in a voice that was ginger tea with bourbon, red silk with velveteen trim on the sides. She transformed from an organizer into performer That Virginia, spinning a mix of folk, Americana, and Indie that conjured Florence Welch and vintage Jewel, with drops of honey and diamond dust right where they belonged."

- Lucy Gellman - The Arts Paper

That Virginia is a reminder of what it means to be fearless - an invitation to follow your bliss. The songs are a discussion on the urgency of experiencing life, with a hint of infectious empowerment. Virginia offers thought provoking lyrics and peculiar melodies, while delivering a rich performance that hits softly in the audience's emotional gut, bringing tears, joy, happiness, and sorrow, quite often in one punch. Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, she brings the tropical warmth of her roots to her genre-bending performance, while singing about the truth of emotions, humanity, and other oddities.

Although Virginia’s first instrument was the bass guitar, she has fallen in love with the guitar since her move from Brazil to the United States. Connected with her feelings, her art, and her audience, she performs with vocals that are both sweet and raw, controlled and emotional. 

"Virginia weaves her vocals into a musical quilt of rhythmic underpinning and interesting chords. Rather than singing a melody that skates over the sound of chords and beats, Virginia’s voice becomes part and parcel of the beat."

- Mike Chaiken - Bristol Observer

"Record Labor is one long hot afternoon in July in musical form, and it deserves to be taken with you then, and pulled out as a balm during January blizzards, to remind you that orange is a flavor you can listen to."

- Rachel Ambrose

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