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Torres Releases "Three Futures": Review

Sensual. Simple. Complicated. A sonic trip. Those are some of the things that popped in my head while listening to Torres' new album, "Three Futures" (via 4AD).

The first Torres song I've ever heard was "Jealousy and I" - a lone distorted guitar, obviously emotional and conflicted vocals, a feeling of longing, of missing. I was quick to dive into her discography, uncovering the layers of her sound - sometimes quiet, sometimes so aggressive you can't help but yell out the lyrics with her.

One thing I love about music is being able to see the artist's evolution through their sound - how they grow, change, adapt. The first single off the new album, "Skim," was a hit in the gut - the guitars so off the wall, the lyrics so defined and strong, the video pleasantly disturbing, and overall an immersive experience.

This is the new direction Mackenzie Scott is headed in. Three Futures flows in its own way - it pulses, pulls and pushes, it begs and it gives. The title song is slow paced, sensual, contemplative. It draws you in and it makes you want to slow dance. "Helen in the Woods" is fast paced, packed with synths - it makes me think of Goldfrapp, Kraftwerk, and Siouxsie & The Banshees. "Righteous Woman" is bold, with strong lyrics and imagery. A statement.

Overall, the new album is an absolute win for Torres - a fully immersive collection of songs, the kind of album that reveals itself to the listener little by little with each listen.

Listen to the album on Spotify!

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